Personal Data


Birth: October 29, 1936   Magnolia, Arkansas

Marital Status : Divorced  January 7, 1977

Children : Daughter, Darby, born September 15, 1967





Attended public schools, high school graduation, June, 1954,  Magnolia, Arkansas.


Received B.S. degree in Psychology from Baylor University with double minor in Physics and Mathematics, 1957.


Completed one year of graduate work in personnel Service at University of Colorado, 1958.


Received M.S. degree in General Psychology from Oklahoma State University, 1959.


Completed two years of additional graduate work in Experimental Psychology at the University of Maryland, 1960 – 1962.


Received Ph.D. in General Experimental Psychology with minor in Statistics from university of Minnesota, 1967.



Professional Experiences


August 6, 1974 – Present


            Private Practice in Clinical Psychology, (see Consultancies).


June 19, 1972 – August 6, 1974


            Executive Director, Human Services Center of West Central Arkansas, Inc. 507 West 2nd Street, Russellville, Arkansas.


December 1, 1970 – June 19, 1972


            Project Director – Psychologist, Community Mental Health Services of ARVAC, Inc.


October 1, 1970 – July 1, 1974


            Psychologist – Administrator, State Mental Health Authority, Arkansas State hospital, Administration Building, Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.


May 1, 1969 – September 30, 1970


            Evaluation Specialist, Center for Personnel Development in Early Education, Southwestern Educational Developmental Laboratory, Austin, Texas (one-half time).


February 15, 1969 – September, 1970


            Self-employed, Consulting Psychologist, (see Consultancies).


July 15, 1968 – February 15, 1969


            Assistant Director of Programs, South Central Region Education Laboratory, National Old Line Building, Little Rock, Arkansas.


January 22, 1969 – April 1, 1968


            Faculty appointment, University of Minnesota Hospital Department of Psychiatry, Early Clinical Drug Evaluation Unit, Minneapolis, Minnesota.




Training in Clinical Psychology on N.I.M.H. Post-Doctoral Grant.  The 12-month period of education concentrated on three hospital departments in clinical psychology ; (1) the first four months were spent on the Adult Inpatient Service. I administered, interpreted and reported psychometric results on neurotic and psychotic inpatients.  During this period, I also began psychotherapy (group and individual) training and continued it throughout the 12-month period ; (2) the second four months were spent in the Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Service.  Psychological interviewing, psychometric testing, and evaluations were major areas of emphasis; and, (3) the final four months were spent in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital.  Intelligence and brain damage tests were emphasized.  Working directly with paramedical personnel to demonstrate psychological techniques with various types of patients was an integral part of the training on this service.


Summary:  During this year, I became familiar with a variety of psychometric instruments : WISC, Bender-Gestalt, Graham-Kendall, Porteus mazes, Vineland Social Materity Scale, MMPI, Picture identification Test, Binet Vocabulary, Rorschach, TAT, and Judgment of Situation Scale.  I developed my experience in group and individual psychotherapy with psychiatric in – and out-patients.  My therapy supervision came both from psychiatry and psychology.  I also learned how an active and genuine team approach can be used with marked effectiveness in the treatment of mentally ill individuals.



1964 – 1966


Co-principal Investigator of the N.I.M.H. Drug Research Project at Kentucky State Hospital.  Directed a multidiscipline research team.  Nurses, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists completed periodic evaluation on chronic schizophrenic patients.  As Director of Inservice training, I was responsible for two hours per week of group psychotherapy for acutely ill patients and psychiatric aides in the training program.  A patient was interviewed with the aide-trainees and his psychological test results were discussed.  Following this 45-60 minute interview, the aide-trainees discussed their observations of the patient.



1965 – 1966


During the school year, taught three-hour courses in experimental psychology (with classical and student-developed studies) at Centre College, Danville, Kentucky.


September, 1963 – 1964


At the University of Georgia, taught discussion sections during first quarter; research assistant the next two quarters.  The second year, along with completion of my dissertation, taught two Introductory Psychology courses and conducted laboratory demonstrations and special student demonstrations also lectured on closed-circuit television.


June, 1962 – September, 1963


Research Assistant, at the Mental Health Study Center, and Outpatient Clinic, Langley Park, Maryland, under sponsorship of N.I.M.H. .  Responsible for analysis, evaluation, and writing up of data collected from the Mental Health Survey of Wellesley, Massachusetts, editorial work, statistical and research design consultant on community epidemiology project.


September, 1960 – June, 1962


Research and Teaching Assistant at University of Maryland, Department of Psychology, College Park, Maryland.


June, 1961 – September, 1961


Statistical Psychologist in Public Health Service.  Under contract, completed last stages of factor analyses for Medical Attitude Inventory.  Assisted in evaluation and write-up of the preliminary report of the Inventory.



Professional Organizations


Arkansas Psychological Association

Minnesota Psychological Association

American Psychological Association

Sigma Xi, National honorary Fraternity in Research

Psy Chi, National Honorary Fraternity in Psychology

Arkansas Association for Children Under Six

American Education Research Association

Arkansas Education and Research Development Association

Governor’s Council on Childhood Development

Southwestern Psychological Association

National Association for Autistic Children

International Transactional Analysis Association



Other Experiences


Member of Second Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Member of National Congress of Parents and Teachers, Conway, Arkansas.

Member of Toastmasters Club of Danville, Kentucky.

Conducted survey of community service agencies in Danville, Kentucky and Boyle County.

Held teaching and research assistantships throughout graduate work.

Part-time work in Registrar’s Office and laboratory assistant in Physics Department during undergraduate work at Baylor University.

Laboratory assistantship at Oklahoma State University, awarded on basis of scholarship.

Lumber loader in hardwood mill during summer and part-time work after school.  Promoted to foreman for eight-man crew in the following year.



Publications and Papers


1964:   Title of Doctoral Thesis: “The Effect of Method, Position Type and Size of Letter Deletion on Syllabic Redundancy in Written English Words.”  Dissertation Abstracts: 24:3031, 1964.


1966: “Syllabic Predictiveness in a Word Reconstruction Task.”  Speech Monographs, June, 1966, with D.W. Freshely, Ph.D.


1967: “Effect of Drug Manipulation on Tardive Dyskinesia,” paper presented at American Psychiatric Association, 1967.  George Crane, M.D. ; William J. Kernohan, M.D.; and Pedro Ruiz, M.D.


1967: “Effects of Nortiptyline on the Mental and Social Adjustment of Geriatric Mental Hospital Patients,” with William J. Kernohan, M.D., Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 15: 196-202, 1967.


1968: “Perception of Apparent Motion and Degree of Mental Pathology,” with J.L. Chambers, Ph.D. Perceptual and Motor Skills 26: 855-861, 1968.


1968: “Need Differences Between Students With and Without Religious Affiliations,” with J.L. Chambers, Ph. D. Journal of Pastoral care, 1968.


1969: “The Saturday School,” with Valinda E. Parrish.  A booklet prepared for Office and Education, South Central Region Education Laboratory, August, 1969.


1970: “Evaluation of an Abbreviated Form of the WISC,” with W.F. Gayton.  Journal of Clinical Psychology, November, 1970.


1971: “Need Associations to Acquisition Modes, Education, and Adjustments,” with J.L. Chambers Ph.D. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 33:911-917, 1971.


1971: “Utility of the Mini-Mult in a Child Guidance Clinical Setting,” with W.F. Gayton.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 35, #6, 68-575, 1971.


1971: “Comparative Validity of Harris Point and Quality Scales,” with W.F. Gayton and H.E. Evans.  Perception and Motor Skills, 33: 1111-1113, 1971.


1972:  “Abbreviation of the Frosting Test of Developmental Visual Perception,” with W.F.Gayton, J.T. Neifert, W.R. Warner.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 35: 211-214, 1972.


1972:  “Investigation of a Written Form of Mini-Mult,” with W.F. Gayton and K.L. Ozmon.  Psychological Reports, 30: 275-278, 1972.


1972:  “Effects of Faking Instructions on the Psychological Screening Inventory,” with W.F. Gayton and K.L. Ozmon.  Pychological Reports.


1972:  “Human Communications Training for Career Military-Evaluation Aspects,” symposium with S.G.Gerber, R.Blake, R. Flamer, and R. Healy.  Paper presented at Western Psychological Association, 1972.





Certified Consulting Psychologist in the State of Minnesota, January 1, 1958 – present.  Certification Number: C251.





Licensed Clinical Psychologist in State of Arkansas, June 27, 1968.  License Number: 68-1P.





1968:  Southwest Arkansas Diagnostic and Remedial Center, Magnolia, Arkansas.  Fay Smith, Ed.D., Director.


1968:  South Arkansas Mental Health Center, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Clarence Perkins, Director.


1968 – 1969:  Governor’s Council on Childhood Development, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Walter Hodges, Ph.D., Director.


1968 – Current: Disability Determination for Social Security Administration, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Wayne Lofton, Director.


1969:  Arkansas Polytechnic College, Russellville, Arkansas.  Bill Burt Baker, Ed.D., Dean of Student Affairs.


1969:  Jonesboro Headstart Program, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Mildred Vance, Ed.D., Director.


1970 and 1978:  Arkansas Children’s Colony, Conway, Arkansas.  Charles Acuff, Acting Commissioner, Department of Mental Retardation.


1970 – 1984:  Washburn Presbytery, Committee on Church Vocation and Examination, First Presbyterian Church, Conway, Arkansas.  John Shell, Chairman.